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If you’ve been stopped for drinking and driving, this can have a big impact on you and your family. In Union County, a DWI/DUI causes you to automatically lose your license and driving privileges, and this limitation on your freedom can make it difficult to meet your daily obligations. You would then need to rely upon friends and family to get transportation to work and/or school, run errands to the bank, grocery store, doctor’s office and more.

At Bell and Bell, we focus on getting you back on the road as soon as possible, so don’t delay. Contact us online to schedule a free consultation with a Union County DUI attorney or call 855-322-2355.

How Your DWI/DUI Attorney Can Help

At our law firm, an attorney can explore available legal options, which include pre-trial and/or limited driving privileges. Pre-trial ones allow you to drive until the time of the court date, and limited privileges permit driving for specified purposes, which could include going to and from work, going to medical appointments and taking your children to and from school.

Bell and Bell is extremely knowledgeable about North Carolina driving laws, and we know your rights and options. We are well aware of what police are required to do during a traffic stop, and we analyze the event from start to finish: Was the stop valid? Was the arresting procedure properly adhered to? What evidence was collected? What were your blood alcohol content test results?

We challenge field sobriety test validity and accuracy, and make sure you receive all of your rights.

And, we go beyond being experts in North Carolina driving laws. We also explain relevant ones to you as we represent you in your case. The reality is that a drunk driving offense is a setback, but it does not need to limit your ability to go to work or attend school.

Union County DWU/DUI Defense Attorney: Contact Us!

We will explore the unique circumstances of your situation and answer your questions. So, let’s get started. Contact your DWI/DUI defense attorney online or call 855-322-2355.

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