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Charlotte Juvenile Offenses Attorney

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Good kids can make bad mistakes. However, when a mistake becomes part of a criminal record, it can put the reputation and future of that child at risk. If you are the parent or guardian of a teenager or college student who has been charged with underage DUI or possession of drugs, you undoubtedly have many concerns. As a family law firm, we understand how important it is to learn your child’s rights and act swiftly to protect those rights. At Bell & Bell Law Firm P.C. we offer experienced representation to help parents and the kids they care about.

Are you concerned about the future of a teen or young adult who has been charged with underage DWI or drug possession? The charges can have an impact on your entire family. Put our family to work for yours. Contact Bell & Bell Law Firm P.C. today to arrange a free consultation.

Do Not Let Underage DUI/DWI Go On Your Permanent Record

Underage alcohol and drug offenses can show on a child’s permanent record. This may affect his or her future in a variety of ways related to school, employment, reputation, and relationships. Fortunately, the juvenile justice system in North Carolina generally favors rehabilitative efforts and deferred prosecution. Underage individuals may be required to participate in community service, stay out of legal trouble, and seek other rehabilitation. Our firm helps underage individuals and the parents and guardians who are concerned about their futures. Lawyers at our firm handle underage matters including:

  • Traffic offenses
  • Speeding tickets
  • Reckless driving
  • Possession of alcohol and marijuana

There are options available to protect the rights and the futures of underage minors. Contact DWI attorneys Bell and Bell to arrange your free consultation today.

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