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Accidental injuries occur every day when someone falls on another person’s property. This includes slipping on a puddle of liquid inside a grocery store or falling in a hole outside of a restaurant. These injuries can be severe and disabling. You may be entitled to money for your injuries if the property owner knew or should have known about the hazardous condition that caused you to fall. The laws governing slip and fall are complex and it is vital to have an attorney who is experienced with slip and fall cases. In a slip and fall case the attorney must prove that the property owner failed to warn the public of the known danger and that the danger was not open and obvious to you. The experienced slip and fall attorneys at Bell & Bell Law Firm can guide you every step of your slip and fall case.

A slip and fall may be extremely painful and embarrassing. It is vital to collect information from as many witnesses as possible. The property owner may be required to complete an incident report. You need to request a copy of the incident report as quickly as possible to make sure it states what happened accurately. The property owner may also have video surveillance and this type of evidence can be very helpful in a slip and fall case. The experienced attorneys at Bell & Bell Law Firm will make sure that the evidence is preserved so that your side of the story is told. Our slip and fall attorneys are passionate advocates that will exhaust all available remedies to get you all the money you deserve.

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