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Salisbury Legal Separation

In Salisbury, there are several questions that people ask us in reference to separating prior to a Salisbury divorce. Sometimes separation does not lead to divorce, and spouses may consider prayerfully all of their options including counseling and other divorce support groups.

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Salisbury Child Support

Bell and Bell Law Firm handles many different types of cases including Salisbury child support. If you are not certain the amount of child support that you are entitled to under the law or that you may be obligated to pay, then please call our law firm at 704-992-1590 for a consultation and speak directly to a Salisbury child support lawyer.

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Salisbury Child Custody

At Bell and Bell Law Firm, our Salisbury child custody attorneys handle many different types of custody cases in the surrounding Salisbury area. Child custody affects a variety of people. For example, you may be facing a custody case if you are going through a divorce, ending a relationship in which you have a child in common with another person, or you may be a family member that is concerned and you may be contemplating exploring custody options of another family member’s child that may be in danger.

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