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Prayer for Judgment Continued in North Carolina

At Bell & Bell Law Firm, we help clients who are facing a range of criminal charges to seek a prayer for judgment continued (PJC). If the court accepts the plea, the charge does not go on the individual’s criminal record and insurance rate hikes are avoided.

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How Does Prayer for Judgment Continued Work?

Prayer for Judgment Continued is an option available to individuals charged with a variety of crimes. Instead of pleading innocent or guilty to the crime, the defendant can plead PJC. If the judge accepts the plea, the defendant avoids the penalties associated with the crime and a subsequent trial. Also, the conviction is usually not entered on the defendant’s permanent record, but this is at the court’s discretion.

As long as the defendant avoids another criminal conviction for three years, he or she will not suffer any consequences. However, if the defendant commits the same crime or another crime within that three-year time frame, he or she can face charges for both crimes.

Prayer for Judgment Continued Eligibility

In traffic violation cases including speeding or running a red light, each household (or car insurance policy) is eligible for one PJC every three years. Each driver’s license can have up to two PJCs within five years without points added.

There are certain factors that make an individual or household ineligible for PJC. An individual who received a speeding ticket for going 26 mph or more over the posted limit is not eligible for PJC. Commercial drivers are not eligible for PJC. Contact an attorney to find out more about PJC eligibility.

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