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We’re experienced professionals and we limit our client list so that we can give a client the time and attention he or she needs and deserves. Bell and Bell Law Firm is family run – and, when you choose our legal services, you won’t meet with an associate attorney or paralegal. Instead, you will meet directly with an experienced Mooresville attorney.

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Family Law Attorney of Choice in Mooresville, North Carolina

When you’re affected by a child custody and/or child support issue, it can be a stressful time. The same is true when a legal separation or divorce is imminent. What’s crucial: to obtain experienced local legal counsel to guide you through every step of the process and to protect you throughout.

As your legal separation lawyer, we can help you to address issues, whether your plan is to ultimately divorce or not. If children are involved, we can act as your child support lawyer – and we are experienced in helping to modify the amount of child support being paid or collected, as well.

You may find yourself in need of child custody lawyers, too. This need can arise when you are getting divorced or ending a relationship with your child’s other parent. It can also become urgent when you are concerned about the safety of a family member’s child. In each of these cases, we can help. We are knowledgeable about North Carolina’s child support laws, with more than ten years of experience, and can represent you well.

Criminal Defense Mooresville Lawyers

Local counsel is crucial when you’re dealing with traffic issues, whether that means that a family member is dealing with a drinking and driving charge – or multiple traffic violations. Don’t stress. Instead, contact us!

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