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Driving while intoxicated / Driving under the influence

DWI/Traffic Violations Form

North Carolina law provides for convictions in the event a person is “appreciably impaired”–even if his or her BAC is below .08. Bell & Bell Law Firm P.C. helps clients who have been arrested for drunk driving. Our extensive experience in DWI and DUI can be put to work in your situation.

Were you charged with drunk driving in Charlotte, North Carolina? The charges can have an impact on your entire family. Put our family to work for yours. Contact Bell & Bell Law Firm P.C. today to arrange a free consultation. Read about DWI.

Even a First Offense Carries Heavy Penalties

If convicted of DWI in Mecklenburg County–even a first offense–you risk being sentenced to time in prison. However, it is possible to be sentenced to a conditional probationary period. This decision is up to the judge’s discretion. A DUI lawyer from our firm can offer assertive representation, seeking alternative penalties and a favorable outcome. It is also possible for first offenders to be excluded from limited driving privileges.

Our firm takes into careful consideration the unique circumstances of your DUI charge. We thoroughly analyze the stop, the arrest, and the evidence. In a state where drinking and driving is taken very seriously, it is important to have experienced legal representation on your side. Contact our firm to arrange a free consultation to discuss your DWI/DUI concerns.

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